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La Legend of the Rose - LRE 47 [Ending]

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LRE 47 [Ending]

La Legend of the Rose

And angered, it turned against him, but Nicolas with unbreakable discipline, didn’t flinched before the demon
with more strenght he wielded his sword and attacked, the memories of his fallen comrades gave him superhuman strenght, he remembered the citicens, remembered his Golden Kingdom and he finally remembered his beloved Daniela…
The Golden Kingdom surroundings resounded and the whole mountain collapsed
and in Daniela’s grave a new rose was born”

Thank you for reading this story, this comic was an experiment… I decided to directly translate a writen tale to comic format, it was a tedious process and I don’t know if I managed to get it right.
This comic was supposed to be a filler story meanwhile I continued Derideal after chapter 4 ending.


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2 years ago

La verdad no es tan malo como dijo el científico ,coincido con el gusto de Adres

Last edited 2 years ago by Meikisemijr
Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]