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About Making Spin-off comics

Mon Jan 21
Kiaun Conejillo
I've been questioning about if it's been worthy working on the spin-offs.
I only mean in general, I feel like it's been for me as it's satisfying working on different things from time to time. Some nice characters have came from them too, which makes the Derideal universe more wide.
But it also made me lose focus. I don't know what to do, I get distracted too easily ahaha.
But I'm certain I can't work on so many comics at once.
I plan to work on THE VOID ep 4 this year, but I don' think it will be ready for publishing soon, and this episode despite not being a closure for the story, will probably be the last episode of the series in a long time.
I wish to focus more in Derideal in the next years and hopefully I'll be able to finish the whole story. I imagine what's next and I think I have a good ammount of episodes before I can stop worrying about it... I wish had more focus, time and energy to work faster so I can move definetely to a new project.
well, time will tell.
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