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Derideal and New website

Wed Jan 18
Kiaun Conejillo
Several years have passed and Derideal finnaly have a new web design and some of the older features of the site are back: gallery, links, etc. A little of history 2006+ Derideal started in the year 2006/2007, in the webcomic community of smacksjeeves, with time and thanks to a boy named Icewind, it got it's own website, with time the site got under several changes and the last one sadly could never be entirely finished due life situations and changed. Derideal was also a long time in hiatus right after chapter 4 ended, I was focusing on other areas of my life, and just after some years I managed to work again in the webcomic. What to expect now? I hope that this year 2017 marks a new stage in the Derideal history, I'll put much more effort in order to remake the first half, I won't retouch the original drawings, but recreate a new story based on the old stuff, this would replace from chapter 0 to 4. Sounds fine, isn't it? but it will be a huge task, but I believe it's the right time, I feel I'm more capable of doing a better job, I started Derideal to learn how to draw and tell stories... it's been a already a lot of time and I should spend more energy in this to improve the foundations. and what will happen with Derideal in 2017? A new chapter will start soon, Derideal chapter 10, I hope it's filled with new surprises and that we will have enough Derideal material to keep updating during all this year 2017! Bye bye for now!º
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