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X-E-N Fragile - 08

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X-E-N Fragile

This comic is updating FRIDAYS!

A special episode made for my friends in Patreon, who are helping me continue working in this project.
these special episodes wouldn’t be possible without their support! please consider helping me in Patreon if you want to contribute with the development of further X-E-N episodes.

Nova is back in a story set in her past with the EXI recon team!








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1 year ago

Okay, so on the one hand, militaries overstepping their authority and taking unilateral action is not a good thing. On the other, it’s clear that there’s human* trafficking going on and that the problem is time-sensitive. Ideally, the union would have an emergency hotline so Nova or her CO could say “Hey, this is happening, we’re already on site, and the traffickers are going to be long gone before anyone else gets here. Please advise.” Doesn’t look like that’s what’s actually going to happen, though. I look forward to seeing whether this is a bureaucracy problem or a bureaucracy-in-cahoots-with-traffickers problem.… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Linebyline
Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
1 year ago
Reply to  Linebyline

“Please advise” Oh, I had a good chucke on that. Imagine the answer Union gives them? “I’m sorry, all operators are currently unavailable, please hold the line” and f*BEEP*ing upbeat music starts?!

Then again, major-buzzkill-mr.-grizzled-cyclops have a point, they are a reconnisance unit, underequipped, outnumbered, and most definitely unexperienced. Also, there is possibility for traffickers use their captives as living shields or execute them. Union can be bureaucratic hellhole, and in-cahoots-with-traffickers. But I think that Union Peacekeepers must have better counter-terrorist forces than group of FNG scouts.

Ey, at least this ain’t 40k universe.

Espacio publicitario