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X-E-N Aftermath - Aftermath 17

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Aftermath 17

X-E-N Aftermath

Xen aftermath is the last epilogue of the Xeno Experiments Nova series.

Made exclusively for Patreon some months ago, it’s about Bandi and his conflict accepting Nova’s gone.

I wanted to make this part of the story since I first started the comic honestly, maybe it isn’t so moving or anything, but it was important for me.



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Joel Guzman
3 years ago

I like this comic, and i was sad that her sister fall to sacriface, but then i knowed that her sister was alive and i was OMG she is still alive? ,and then she saw her memories of her past that her father was the léader of the team, i dont know what is called the team again😂😂, and that his father wanted to his daughter one day she’ll be the leader of the team and i was interest why his father made her the leader and i dont know why the humans created the animals into inteligence and more… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Joel Guzman
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