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The Derideal reboot

Fri Jan 4
Kiaun Conejillo

I'll try to write some blog entries so I can put them here and also on the official website. Maybe just thoughts and ideas. I feel it's a good idea to start doing this again.

Why reboot Derideal?

When I started Derideal back in late 2006 I had no idea what I was doing. I've always liked to draw comics, and I used to read LOTS of webcomics back in the day.

The more I read comics the more I wanted to make my own. I had lots of random ideas that led nowhere (I'll make a post about this later)

I decided to make Derideal my first webcomic because it was a well-rounded general idea and I had 12 pages that made sense.

I knew I was going to regret starting the comic without being a good artist, or knowing much about storytelling (I still don't know much)... so I decided to keep going and improve my drawings as I keep making comic pages.

I was pretty much OK with it until a year ago in which I kept reading my comic and remembered several things people have told me along the years about the story, the human characters, etc.

At the end I couldn't resist and started drawing Derideal again with the only intention of remaking the story, not copy the same panels and sort of "improve" the older pages, I felt more interesting to re-do the story, and with the hopes of not losing everything I've made in the past years of Derideal part 2... it was a bit challenging, and I don't think I managed to fully merge both parts:

Derideal part 1 remake + Derideal part 2 (episode 5, up now)

We will see, I kinda regret not being aware of some things I know now about storytelling and characters, the remake have like 2 years of work and I was still with the idea of releasing something was better than not releasing anything.

I will try to update Derideal next week.

Probably during MONDAY and there will be an extra page for patrons.

I love Adres and Laura so much, I love Derideal to the point is almost the only thing I care about most of the time, it makes me sad that the comic it's still relatively unknown for most people over the internet despite being around 2007


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