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Chapter 10 - Sabotage - Derideal is on Hiatus

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Derideal is on Hiatus

Chapter 10 - Sabotage

Hello again, I thought it was necessary to make a big announcement in the comic itself about the Hiatus.

Episode 11 may take a long time to begin, since I’ve decided to re-do most of the story, this mean the current comic will get an updated version that will cover from chapter 0 to 4. I started drawing Derideal about 8 or 9 years ago, so quality of the webcomic has been variable… I feel that I need to update the story now, it’s been a long time and long overdue. I hope the idea of getting a new version of Adres’s adventure will be exciting for both old and new readers. Wish me luck!

Remember that the Xeno Experiments Nova webcomic will be updating every Friday in replacement of Derideal, so check that out in the meantime!


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Espacio publicitario