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06- Last stand - encore 1

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encore 1

06- Last stand

Derideal part 2 starts here, this is the point that follows in Aden’s journey as a creation of the Consortium.
The following pages have been re-touched and edited from their original versions, which are part of the Legacy version of the comic.
I won’t recommend you to read the legacy version from ep5 on, if you haven’t read it yet or you’ll be spoil the next episodes of the story.

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Derideal is the main comic from the xeno experiments series.

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no u
no u
2 years ago

I heard that hidden message
“You won’t tell anyone”
or else
man that lady is scary

2 years ago

Perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions, I gather she’s the sort of person for whom “not allowed” is merely a suggestion, one that people who value their safety are hesitant to make out loud to her face.

no u
no u
2 years ago
Reply to  Linebyline


Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]