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Security Sector - Security Sector 61 [final]

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Security Sector 61 [final]

Security Sector

Well, this is the final page of The Void- Episode 3, I hope you liked the story and the tone of it (also the characters!).

What do you think will happen next in the settlement?, what’s going to happen with The Ancient, Arma and Titch?…

I still have a lot to tell regarding this comic, I fear I won’t be continuing it soon, from the time being remember I’ll keep updating Derideal every MONDAY.

Thank you for reading my comic!, I will be uploading a new spin of for the Project Prime series at the end of this year (or early next year), I’m sorry I can’t work at the same time in all of my comics, I don’t have enough time and energy… and I keep getting distracted with new comic ideas, I hope this won’t be the last we see of THE VOID.



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4 years ago

Me dejaste con las ganas xD
Esta bueno el comic

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]