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12-Vulnerable - v29 (end)

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v29 (end)


These are the entirely new episodes of Derideal, or “Derideal part 3”.

Derideal is now updating Monday and Wednesday!

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Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
7 months ago

Hm, I wonder if there is any height chart of your characters?
Because (Maybe I’ve missed it) it’s first time seeing them both standing next to each other and compare their height difference.

Wait a second, Alpha’s legs are looking slightly bent, so he isn’t standing in his full height. So it seems that if he stretch them out, he’s full head taller than Ivory.

Sin of Avarice
Sin of Avarice
7 months ago

Everything is a lie? Sounds like the trust Alpha had in Daniel has been shattered. If Daniel decides to reveal the truth(unlikely) to Alpha himself, will he believe him?

It’s hard to say what Ivory would do should Alpha suddenly turn on their masters. Would she help him? Or betray him? Guess that’s going to depend on what, if anything, she learns.

Either way they both need to tread carefully if they hope to get out alive.

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]