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08-Secret Ally

Alpha story continue in this new mission for the Consortium! thank you for reading Derideal!
this episode was originally made more than 5 years ago, these pages are re-touched and revised and modified to fit better with the new remake version of comic…
remember! Derideal story is far from over!

I won’t recommend you to read the legacy version from ep5 on, if you haven’t read it yet or you’ll be spoil the next episodes of the story.

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1 year ago


Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
1 year ago

I know that he’s valued as asset, but couldn’t they give him sturdier drop pod?

Last edited 1 year ago by Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
1 year ago

I mean valued AS asset, not personeel. But side project or not, I think that his creation and even his upkeep costs a significant amount of money, far more than even fancy drop pod. Sure, The Consortium clearly gives me bad employer feeling, like “Crew Expendable” level of bad employer. And I bet even high rank empoyees are at risk to get killed on daily basis.

Also: Started reading your comics just recently, and like them very much. Great artwork and the story!

1 year ago

The kitty carrier seems to be in slightly rough shape. “Alpha” doesn’t seem any worse for wear, though. He might be gearing up for some trauma, though, considering he’s being sent to exterminate a bunch of people. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. (Because of the trauma, and also I doubt we have the same size feet.)