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08-Secret Ally - Secret ally 7

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Secret ally 7

08-Secret Ally

Alpha story continue in this new mission for the Consortium! thank you for reading Derideal!
this episode was originally made more than 5 years ago, these pages are re-touched and revised and modified to fit better with the new remake version of comic…
remember! Derideal story is far from over!

I won’t recommend you to read the legacy version from ep5 on, if you haven’t read it yet or you’ll be spoil the next episodes of the story.

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1 year ago

Decisions, decisions. Wait and see who else is here and risk your targets escaping, or go for the gun and risk exposing yourself to attack from whoever’s about to show up?

Well, no matter. I’m sure the Consortium has spared no expense in training him to make these kinds of split-second decisions under pressure. …Right?

1 year ago

i have seen the other chapters simple to see what changes you made for the original pages. I noted that you made the text more impactful and more clear and you added more lighting to the pages compared to the original pages. i think that was a idea as the originals may have been a bit to dark in shading. over i have been enjoying the changes you have been making and hope to see the rest as you make it.

1 year ago

yea i have trouble with lighting a lot of the time only now starting to get a somewhat hand over it. i also need to work on my lines more when it come to my art.

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]