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08-Secret Ally - Secret ally 11

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Secret ally 11

08-Secret Ally

Alpha story continue in this new mission for the Consortium! thank you for reading Derideal!
this episode was originally made more than 5 years ago, these pages are re-touched and revised and modified to fit better with the new remake version of comic…
remember! Derideal story is far from over!

I won’t recommend you to read the legacy version from ep5 on, if you haven’t read it yet or you’ll be spoil the next episodes of the story.

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1 year ago

A few thoughts. (1) Wow, these two look alike. (2) She never said her mission was for the Consortium. Funny, that. (3) I have very strong feelings about her but I have no idea what they are yet.

1 year ago
Reply to  Linebyline

if i had to make a guess she is a modified version of “Alpha”. maybe not an outright clone but close enough to that they have the same fur pattern.

and i do hope things go off better for her then Laura

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]