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These are the entirely new episodes of Derideal, or “Derideal part 3”.

Derideal is now updating Monday and Wednesday!

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Felix the Manul
Felix the Manul
7 months ago

Have Ivory tried to scratch the door and meow loudly? Works like a charm every morning to me when it’s time to feed the cat.

Gotta add that furball seems to have very accurate internal clock, he wakes us around 6:30 give or take 10 minutes.

7 months ago

I’ve read a lot of heartstring-pulling webcomics, and while I can’t say I’ve never seen two characters in more dire need of a hug, these two are definitely making the short list.

It’s a neat touch how catlike Ivory’s behavior is, especially the pose in that third panel.It could easily be played for humor if you wanted (Alpha, let me in! Let me in! Now let me back out!), but it doesn’t detract from the somber mood at all. It’s just a part of her character that shines through in a variety of different situations.

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]