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11-Sabotage - s13

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1 year ago

Cheaper to produce? That’s an interesting take on it. Considering at this time they have to be grown in a tank and have their minds filled by a machine that pumps information into their heads, you’d think something that could be mass produced by machines would beat out things being grown in a pod. But then, we don’t really know much about this world in general. Maybe something happened in this world that makes mass producing robots more costly. You know, for all the technology of this city, it almost seems as much a prison from the outside world asit… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  joshofspam

Maybe he’s thinking long-term. You build a robot and you have to build the next robot. You program a robot and you have to program the next robot. But you get a breeding population of xenos and they’re as good (and, admittedly, as bad) as any other slave labor. They heal so you don’t have to fix them. You do have to provide medical care, but their extreme healing ability helps a lot with that. Realistically, it’ll probably shorten their lifespan, but that’s less of a problem if you don’t actually care about them as individuals and they’ll probably eventually… Read more »

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]