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11-Sabotage - s46

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10 months ago

And there’s that compassionate streak of his again. It’s sweet. The entire relationship and really their whole situation is extremely messed up, but still, kind of sweet.

Also Ivory is looking very cute here.

Tired: Sexy Ivory.
Wired: Adorable sleepy Ivory getting tucked in for her nap.

Sin of Avarice
Sin of Avarice
10 months ago
Reply to  Linebyline

At least he sees them as more than just tools and actually cares enough about them to be worried when Aden nearly died. Pretty sure he was panicked when he nearly lost Aden. His behavior toward them is almost father-like, though I imagine he keeps his distance so they’re not taken out of his care, and thus out of his protection. He worked non-stop to save Aden’s life after he was nearly killed, then upon hearing that Ivory is hurt too, went to take care of her injuries too. Then after telling her she can’t go see Aden, intentionally leaves… Read more »

Espacio publicitario [quads id=1]